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Goddard CubeSats Program

The Goddard CubeSat Program is dedicated to the development of CubeSat and SmallSat investigations in support of accomplishing high-priority science in a small platform. Our affiliates are advocates and progenitors of new avenues of scientific inquiry enabled by the rapidly advancing field of small satellites. The initiative provides a forum for discussion and collaboration in the pursuit of greater scientific achievement through the use of secondary payloads.

Goddard at the center of CubeSat developments

Goddard CubeSat missions


A new era in space exploration is starting with the arrival of SmallSat mission concepts, and Goddard is leading highly advanced CubeSat missions, that will provide transformational science in the exploration of our solar system (e.g., moon, Mars, Venus, comets, asteroids, moons) and beyond (e.g., exoplanets, astrophysics).

CubeSat instrumentation


By miniaturizing highly successful and tested (TRL>6) space instrumentation, Goddard scientists and engineers are developing extremely powerful instrumentation applicable to CubeSats. From 1U imagers to advanced UV-Vis-NIR spectrometers, these small footprint payloads can address a broad range of highly relevant scientific goals.

Decades of space heritage


Building on the shoulders of space exploration giants, Goddard CubeSat mission concepts are designed with great care for maximum reliability and performance. State of the art instrument and design laboratories at the center ensures a thorough investigation of the multi-dimensional components of a space mission.

Annual Planetary Symposium

The Planetary CubeSats/Smallsats Symposiums are held annually at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, with the participation of CubeSat scientists and developers. Discussions include current missions, mission concepts, and opportunities for future mission selections. The sessions also include panel discussions about strategic and technical aspects of planetary CubeSats, and an afternoon poster session provides mission proposers the opportunity to meet with vendors and suppliers.

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